Core Providers LLC, Founded in 2000 and headquartered in TX. CORE is serving dynamic and growing businesses. CORE empowers organizations with the ability to exploit emerging opportunities in challenging business environments, across organizational and geographic borders, through rapid adoption of Information Technology.


To be known for EXCELLENCE in all our service offerings by ensuring the delight of everyone associated with us.


CORE shall ENLARGE its VALUE by Stretching Out Its tent of operations in the global village, by extending our work place to the client place of work,by sparing no effort and going the extra mile, by lengthening our cords to build business partners, and by strengthening our stakes in the customer’s Success and by serving in Courage, Excellence and Humility.


Core SMART is a Cloud Data Service Analytics Tool which can import your data instantly, and process it by issuing queries which runs in parallel on the cloud.


Core Business Intelligence & Analytics (BI&A) team defines the problem, as a first step of analysis.

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Core SMART is enabling Smart Analytics & Transformation across industries.

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BI Services

At the heart of this field is master data management – solutions whereby only one...

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Our company has a complete set of software tools for sheet metal design. We efficiently create and manage sheet metal parts based on knowledge of material properties and manufacturing processes.

Sheet Metal Design

Our company has a complete set of software tools for sheet metal design. We efficiently create and manage sheet metal parts based on knowledge of material properties and manufacturing processes.

Folded and unfolded views of sheet metal components can be used in both the 3D environment as well as downstream in 2D documentation and for manufacturing. We use CAD packages that enable the full interaction of other parametric modeling operations with sheet metal features within the context of a single part. Our sheet metal design department uses solid works for pre-layout and development. This program actually generates your flat pattern from your 3D solid model. We can create a complex flat pattern in the shortest lead time. This allows our mechanics to build a complete fabricated and formed detail for proofing in about the time it use to take for just the engineering alone.

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3D Solid Modeling

Core is our ability to work with our customers on unique designs and applications and provide innovative and cost efficient solutions. Core is a mechanical engineering services firm specialized in meeting the engineering outsourcing needs of businesses across a wide range of industries including: Aerospace, Automotive, Turbo machinery, Power Generation, Consumer products.

One of the biggest advantages working in 3D is the ability to capture design intent early in the design process.Good designs are built on solid foundations. Solid Works 3D modeling gives you a better understanding of your design, long before you create the first part. It also allows you to reuse design information downstream, for example, when it comes time to manufacture the design.

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Bend CAM

Core have CAD/CAM functionalities that enhance the programming of Amada press brakes with respect to online programming and automation management.

Bend CAM permits to generate, in manual or in automatic mode, the bending sequence, to define the tools and set the configuration for your machines. It also verify the feasibility of your parts (collisions, available tools,…) reducing the waste of programming times on the numeric control and the tests on the machine.

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Core full-service approach provides you with a single source for all your assembly requirements – from small sub-assemblies through large machinery.

We can make the most complicated mechanical assemblies small to large assemblies with good quality and reliability. Our Project Management teams are committed to providing you with outstanding quality, on-time delivery, high flexibility, and exceptional value.

Core offers superior engineering and design services. Provide us with your specific requirements, and we will develop an assembly. In additions to assembly models from simple subassemblies to complete turnkey production assemblies, we are providing Weldments services.

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Backed by more than 16 years of experience in specialized staffing, Core Providers connects the best technology talent with the best IT jobs.

USA Staffing

We provide a full spectrum of IT staffing services worldwide to organizations that require on-demand technical expertise. Innovation starts with people...

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INDIA Staffing

Technology doesn't change the world. People like you do. But you and your ideas can't thrive unless the conditions are just right.

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We build more than responsive websites. We build trust and long-term relationships with our clients.

Web Design & Development

We take special pride in knowing that Core Web websites and apps correspond to the current industry best practices.

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Web Application

One of our goals is to help creative people with ideas for useful web application realize
their visions.

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Seo & Sem

Turn your site into an effective marketing tool. We use white hat methods to identify valuable keyword territories for your organization...

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Core Providers recognizes that the success of our projects depend to a sizeable extent on knowledge transfer. Our Corporate Training Division addresses this critical need by delivering a complete and flexible range of training services.

Excel Advanced

This course rounds out the Excel training with emphasis on more advanced functions and formulas & more.

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Excel VBA

This course helps the attendees to prepare macro and dashboards using Microsoft VBA.

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R, an essential tool for used by Facebook, LinkedIn and Google, is fast becoming the analytics tool for SMEs to MNCs.

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Java Programming

At Core Providers we have years of development experience using Java’s advanced, community-tested frameworks and tools for delivering load-resistant, scalable...


.NET Programming

Core Providers has extended experience in developing web applications using next generation programming - that's the Microsoft’s .NET Application Development framework.


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